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    Registration fees


    To make participation affordable for individuals from all regions worldwide, registration fees are based on the income groups assigned to the world's economies by the World Bank. The fees are determined by the country in which you are employed.

    To confirm which income group has been assigned to the country in which you work, please download the following list.

    Download the World Bank list of economies (PDF, 119.4 kB)

    The table below outlines the early bird and regular registration fees by income group in Japanese Yen (JPY). Early Bird rates are available until 5 August, regular rates apply as of 6 August 2019.

    Full congress registrationEarly bird fee
    (until 5 August 2019)
    Regular fee
    (as of 6 August 2019)
    High Income Country  
    Member¥ 77,500¥ 95,500
    Non-member¥ 94,500¥ 114,500
    Upper Middle Income Country  
    Member¥ 55,500¥ 68,500
    Non-member¥ 67,500¥ 83,500
    Lower Middle and Low Income Country  
    Member¥ 30,500¥ 37,500
    Non-member¥ 36,500¥ 44,500
     ¥ 30,500¥ 30,500

    Member rates are available to those who are members of ISPO, JAPO, JOPA or JSPO. You will be asked to enter your membership number during online registration.

    Student rates are available to undergraduate students enrolled full time at an educational institution. The rate is not available to post-doctorate students, research fellows and lecturers. Proof, consisting of a copy of your identification (ID) card or a letter from the institution's registrar confirming your student status, is to be uploaded into the registration system when making your registration.

    Limited congress and exhibition only registrationEarly bird fee
    (until 5 August 2019)
    Regular fee
    (as of 6 August 2019)
    One day congress¥ 30,500¥ 37,500
    Accompanying person¥ 13,500¥ 13,500
    Exhibition day pass (access to exhibition halls only)¥ 6,500¥ 6,500

    • One day congress rates are available to members and non-members that would like to participate for one day only.
    • Accompanying person rates are available to those who accompany a full congress registrant.


    What’s included in the registration categories (PDF, 313.5 kB)

    Social eventDatePrice
    Congress PartySunday, 6 October¥ 8,000

    Your Contact

    If you have any questions or need
    assistance with your registration,
    please contact:

    Japan Convention Services,
    Inc. – MCI Japan

    Phone: + 81-78-303-1101
    Email: ispo.registration@mci-group.com

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