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    Tour programme

    Together with its surrounding region, Kobe is one of Japan’s leading tourist destinations.

    Numerous World Heritage sites are close by – arrive early or stay a few additional days to explore what the city and its surrounding countryside have to offer.

    Akashi Kaikyo Bridge

    Public tours

    Public tours – JTB Western Japan

    A number of public tours are available on the JTB Sunrise Tours website. Undecided? JTB will have a tour desk at the Congress where you can book a last minute tour.

    KOBE Experience Guided Tours

    The Kobe Tourism Bureau has created a number of tours/activities aimed at visitors who will be in Kobe during the Rugby World Cup this September to November. There are 25 different experiences to choose from and they are supported by the tourism bureau. Individuals can sign up directly and support is offered in English. Participants of the World Congress are welcome to book KOBE Experience Guided Tours.


    Your contact

    If you have any questions or need assistance making your reservation, please contact:

    Ms Kumiko Tsurukame
    JTB Western Japan, Corp.

    Phone: +81-6-6252-5044

    Email: k_tsurukame017@jtb.com

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