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    3D-printing in the orthotic/prosthetic field – introducing silicone print technology and the 3D-printed hand THREEDEEflex

    Exhibitor Workshop by stamos+braun prothesenwerk gmbh

    10/7/19 | 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM time


    Christoph Braun,

    Alex Stamos

    Session format
    Exhibitor Workshop
    Exhibitor Workshop Room, Exhibition Hall 3
    Target audience
    Congress registrants and exhibition day pass holders

    The silicone material is well established in the orthotic prosthetic field. But the silicone is very havy compared to other materials. Because of this stamos and braun prothesenwerk started a project to 3d print biocompatible silicone. The project and the possibilities will be introduced in this lecture.
    In a second project stamos + braun developed a new 3d-printed system for cosmetic arm prosthetics. It is named THREEDEEsystem. This system fits to all available cosmetic gloves on the marked. The 3d-printed hand, THREEDEEflex, is lighter than conventional rubber hands. Plus the THREEDEEflex gives the patients passive functions. The patient can bring the hand in different positions with the contralateral side. Also part of the THREEDEEsystem are the 3d-printed connecting adapters + wrist- and ellbow joint for cosmetic arm prosthetics. The development and the possebilities oft the system will be introduced in this lecture.

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