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    CAD/CAM & 3D Printing: Finding Your Own Path Towards a Modernized Practice

    Exhibitor Workshop by Vorum

    10/6/19 | 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM time


    Nam Vo

    Session format
    Exhibitor Workshop
    Exhibitor Workshop Room, Exhibition Hall 3
    Target audience
    Congress registrants and exhibition day pass holders

    For over 30 years, CAD/CAM technology has been a hot topic of discussion for the O&P industry. While several clinics have taken steps forward to adopt these solutions and grow their practices, many facilities are still hesitant to make that first step. With the continuous advancements in CAD/CAM and 3D printing technology, modern digital fabrication methods have made it clearer to see the value in taking those strides towards a more efficient, quality-driven, and patient-centric clinical environment. Now more than ever, clinicians are empowered to take greater initiative in conducting their own research and testing in areas such as unique device designs, 3D print materials, and clinical workflow automation. So, could your O&P practice experience the benefits of a high-quality CAD/CAM solution? What are these “steps” you need to take?

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