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    Individualized rocker profile shoes: Design, biomechanics and indications


    10/8/19 | 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM time


    Juha Hijmans, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Laurens van Kouwenhove, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University Medical Center Groningen (Groningen, Netherlands)

    Session format
    Advanced Instructional Course
    Room 502, Conference Center
    Target audience
    Congress registrants only
    Session Chair

    Juha Hijmans



    A rocker bottom shoe can be defined as: ‘a shoe with an outsole rocker bar or a contoured outsole creating a curved anteroposterior profile’. In daily practice rocker profiles are used very often. However, the impression exists that the design is limited to the position of the apex, proximal, at, or distal of the MTP-region. In this course you will learn more about how all design parameters of rocker profiles influence biomechanics of gait and gain knowledge about indications for rocker profile shoes. The relation between the design parameters (e.g. apex position, apex angle, rocker angle / radius and flexibility) and biomechanics will be explained and research related to the working mechanisms will be presented. The design parameters will influence kinetics and kinematics of the lower limb and plantar pressure distribution. We will share research and biomechanical models on how rocker profiles can be used in targeted treatment of plantar fasciopathy and Achilles tendinopathy and redistribution of pressure in diabetic neuropathy. Focus on this course will be on the need for individualization. For targeted pressure reduction in diabetic neuropathy a specific position of peak plantar pressure requires a specific shape and flexibility. Also in plantar fasciopathy and Achilles tendinopathy different design parameters influence load of the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon in different ways. The attendants can expect to gain up to date knowledge of the current state of scientific research and clinical practice.

    Statement of the objective / learning objectives

    Attendees will gain knowledge about the relation between design parameters of rocker profile shoes and biomechanics of gait. Emphasis will be on individualization of the rocker sole parameters in diabetes, Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciopathy

    Simultaneous Interpretation


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