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    Optimization of Treatment Outcome in Ankle-Foot Orthotics


    10/7/19 | 4:30 PM – 5:45 PM time


    Merel Brehm, Amsterdam UMC, Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Frans Nollet, Amsterdam UMC, Academic Medical Center (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

    Session format
    Advanced Instructional Course
    Room 2A, Exhibition Hall 2
    Orthotics: Lower Limb
    Target audience
    Congress registrants only
    Session Chair

    Merel Brehm



    People with neuromuscular disorders often experience mobility limitations due to impaired calf muscle strength. To reduce mobility problems, ankle-foot orthoses (AFOs) are commonly provided. However, there is large variety in types of AFOs that are applied and their mechanical properties, such as ankle stiffness are often insufficiently matched to the complex health needs of patients exhibiting calf muscle weakness. This calls for precision orthotics, i.e. individually optimizing the stiffness mode-of-action of ankle foot orthoses to the patients’ health needs. An opportunity of this approach is that it may lead to improvement of treatment outcome, i.e. substantially benefitting physical mobility for the individual patient. In this instructional course, we will provide a knowledge base of informed AFO prescription in neuro-rehabilitation, we will demonstrate the promising value of precision orthotics using a modular AFO and gait analysis to objectively optimize AFO stiffness, and we will highlight current state-of-the-art in simulation-based stiffness optimization of AFOs as future direction for implementation in clinical practice.

    Statement of the objective / learning objectives

    To provide a knowledge base of ankle-foot orthosis prescription in neuro-rehabilitation and show how optimization of ankle-foot orthosis stiffness can support healthcare professionals in applying treatment more effectively.

    This session focuses on the topic Orthotics: Lower Limb Neurological.

    Simultaneous Interpretation


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