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    Scientific explorations regarding Osseointegration to inform clinical practice and support consumer decision making


    10/6/19 | 2:30 PM – 3:45 PM time


    Sally Cavenett, Orthotics & Prosthetics Sth Australia, SA Health (Adelaide, Australia), Flinders University SA, (Adelaide, Australia), ISPO Australia (Adelaide, Australia)

    Adj Prof Laurent Frossard, YourResearchProject (Brisbane, Australia) Griffith University (Gold Coast, Australia) Sunshine Coast University (Maroochydore, Australia), Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)

    Prof. Mark Taylor, Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Gothenburg, Sweden)

    Dr. Kerstin Hagberg, Dept of Orthopaedics, Sahlgrenska Academy, Gothenburg University (Gothenburg, Sweden)

    Session format
    Room 501, Conference Center
    Prosthetics: Lower Limb
    Target audience
    Congress registrants only
    Session Chair

    Sally Cavenett



    As Osseointegration (OI) surgery for prosthetic limb attachment is becoming more commonplace globally, clinicians in rehabilitation and prosthetic care, and decision makers, need to be informed of the contributing factors for success, and understand adverse events that may arise. Consumer quality of life, and lived experience with traditional sockets and OI procedure need to be considered, coupled with scientific data of bone fragility and integrity and long term behaviour.

    This symposium aims to inform the clinical audience of research conducted with OI and hip implant patients to improve the understanding of the evidence outside of the surgical arena. Relevant patient selection, understanding unique bone characteristics, awareness of surgical techniques and available funding pathways, can contribute to successful patient outcomes.

    Presentation will be delivered by expert in clinical care providing long term knowledge after 28 years of experience with OI procedure following lower limb amputation. Scientific research presentation will share observations and evidence from studies reporting on OI global trends, program accessibility and data from funding providers. Biomedical research presentation will deliver learnings from research including bone fracture and assessment of performance of orthopaedic devices; and discuss how we can use computational modelling to simulate bone and implant compatibility to inform implant design and surgical decisions, and to assess the safety and efficacy of osseointegrated prosthetic devices.

    Concept of comprehensive worldwide patient registries, and establishment of prosthetic and rehabilitation extended scope of practice education will be explored; enhancing the ISPO practitioner community through collaborative research, and best clinical care.

    Statement of the objective / learning objectives

    Learning's include: Global osseointegration uptake; literature review; long-term patient experience in Sweden; learning’s from fixation and bone adaptation in joint replacements; and computational modelling to inform safety and efficacy of osseointegrated prosthetic devices.

    This session focuses on the topic Prosthetics: Lower Limb Transfemoral.

    Simultaneous Interpretation


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