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    Stepping Forward: Focusing on Research with the Older Prosthesis User


    10/7/19 | 2:45 PM – 4:00 PM time


    Matthew J. Major, Northwestern University (Chicago, USA), Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (Chicago, USA)

    Natalie K. Vanicek, University of Hull (Hull, United Kingdom)

    William C. Miller, University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada)

    Session format
    Main Conference Room, Exhibition Hall 2
    Prosthetics: Lower Limb
    Target audience
    Congress registrants only
    Session Chair

    Matthew J. Major



    Much of the research with prosthesis users involves people with good levels of function, who are often younger, traumatic amputees. However, in developed countries, the majority of lower-limb amputations are related to non-traumatic aetiologies, such as diabetes and/or vascular disease. Therefore it is vital to conduct research with older prosthesis users, who often suffer from concomitant health issues, demonstrate significant mobility and balance problems, and are likely fitted with more basic prostheses.

    In this symposium, we will discuss the experience of three researchers from different countries (Canada, USA, UK) working with older individuals with major lower-limb amputation. The overarching shared aim of our work is to improve function in this patient group through tailored exercise and enhanced prosthetic componentry. Specifically, we will: describe therapeutic interventions involving game-based training; focus on important stability-related sensorimotor factors during walking and postural control tasks; and explore the acceptability to older prosthesis users of the involvement in research with more advanced prostheses. We will discuss differences in functional outcomes between older individuals with and without amputation, as well as adherence to a prospective data collection protocol for measuring fall prevalence. The session will conclude with an interactive discussion between the panel and members of the audience focusing on differences in prosthetics rehabilitation within the context of different healthcare frameworks.

    This symposium will consider challenges presented when working with older prosthesis users, and outline the important implications of this research for healthcare provision and influencing guidelines and policies to elevate the quality of evidence-based practice.

    Statement of the objective / learning objectives

    This session will focus on the older prosthesis user involved in prosthetics research. We will investigate differences in clinical rehabilitation internationally but with shared priorities related to patient-reported outcomes including mobility, pain, and health-related quality-of-life.

    This session focuses on the topic Prosthetics: Lower Limb Transtibial.

    Simultaneous Interpretation


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