22/04/2022 I.S.P.O. World Congress

Inspiring keynote speakers expected at the ISPO 19th World Congress

Four renowned international professionals Rosielena Jované, Sophie de Oliveira Barata, Professor Stefania Fatone and Professor Nachiappan Chockalingam will present keynote lectures around the congress theme The Art and the Science at the 2023 World Congress in Guadalajara.

Rosielena Jované C. is a role model in the prosthetic and orthotic assistive technology sector in Latin America. Among other things, she founded the first ISPO National Member Society in Latin America. She advocates working in multidisciplinary teams and believes that it is necessary to combine team members' areas of expertise in order to support people with disabilities. Rosie will present the honorary Knud Jansen Lecture .

Artist Sophie de Oliveira Barata founded 'The Alternative Limb Project’ in 2011; merging the latest technology with traditional crafts as well as art and a special story of the prosthesis wearer, she creates very individual art pieces. Her creations include for example a leg with an embedded stereo, another with removable muscles, and a third that houses mini-drawers. Clients have included Paralympic athletes, music performers, models and video game companies.

Professor Stefania Fatone joined the University of Washington as Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Programme Director of the Division of Prosthetics and Orthotics. She has over 20 years of experience conducting prosthetics and orthotics research. Her research projects include a broad range of experimental, qualitative, and review studies in areas such as transfemoral prosthetic socket biomechanics and design, orthotic management of upper motor neuron lesions, and partial foot amputation.

Professor Nachiappan (Nachi) Chockalingam is the Director of the Centre for Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Technologies at Staffordshire University, UK. He is an Affiliate Professor at the University of Malta, and a Visiting Professor at Sri Ramachandra University, India. His research centres on human performance measurement with a focus on foot and footwear biomechanics, injury prevention, lower limb musculo-skeletal conditions and aetiopathology of scoliosis. His current activities at Staffordshire University centre on translational research.

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