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5.03 Paediatrics - Lower limb prosthetics

Location: Joya, Business Center I, First floor
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5.03.1: Defining Paediatric Prosthetic Knee Technical Specifications: An Inverse Dynamics Approach using a Novel OpenSim Model of a Child with Limb-Loss - Caitlin E Edgar

5.03.2: Development of the Children’s Amputee Mobility Predictor - Sharon Eylon

5.03.3: Effect of limb lengthening surgeries on the use of Extension-prosthesis for lower limb deficiencies - Sharon Eylon

5.03.4: Understanding the Development of Crawling in Typically Developing Infants and Children with Limb Loss - Mark Geil


Ayman Amer
National institute for Nero Motor system, Cairo, Egypt. Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Tallie van der Laan
University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Netherlands


Caitlin E. Edgar
Imperial College London, Dept Bioengineering, London, United Kingdom
Sharon Eylon
ALYN Hospital Children’s & Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Jerusalem, Israel
Mark Geil
Kennesaw State University, USA

Event Location

Joya, Business Center I, First floor