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FIOR & GENTZ - The NEURO HiTRONIC Microhydraulic & Microprocessor Stance & Swing Phase control KAFO

Location: Colomos, Business Center II, first floor
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The NEURO HiTRONIC is the first microprocessor-controlled microhydraulic system knee joint with permanent stance phase control and swing phase support from FIOR & GENTZ. This technology, which was specially developed for orthoses, enables patients to move freely without having to think about the function of the orthosis all the time. Thanks to the intelligent motion sensors and innovative proprietary microhydraulics controlled by a microprocessor, the NEURO HiTRONIC supports a natural gait, thus avoiding incorrect posture and preventing damage to the musculoskeletal system. The controller of the orthosis has motion sensors that detect the lower leg’s movements and can tell if the user is standing or walking. The control immediately reacts to changes in walking speed and step length.


Santiago J. Muñoz
CPO. FAAOP, FIOR & GENTZ GmbH, Holly Springs, USA (NC)

Event Location

Colomos, Business Center II, first floor