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    Registration fees


    To make participation affordable for individuals from all regions worldwide, registration fees are based on the income groups assigned to the world's economies by the World Bank. The fees are determined by the country in which you are employed.

    To confirm which income group has been assigned to the country in which you work, please download the following list.

    Download the World Bank list of economies (PDF, 119.4 kB)

    Registration categoryEarly bird fee
    (until 20 September 2021)
    Regular fee
    (as of 21 September 2021)
    High Income Country  
    ISPO Member€ 170 € 200
    Non-ISPO member€ 250 € 300
    Upper Middle Income Country  
    ISPO Member€ 140 € 170
    Non-ISPO member€ 200€ 240
    Lower Middle and Low Income Country  
    ISPO Member€ 110€ 130
    Non-ISPO member€ 150€ 180
    Student€ 80 € 100


    Project team, ISPO 18th World Congress

    Tel.: +49 341 678-8238

    Email: info@ispo-congress.com

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