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ISPO 18th World Congress connects participants virtually around the world

The 18th World Congress of the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO) was held from 1 to 4 November 2021 focussing on “Digital Transformation in an Evolving World”. Rolled out as a virtual edition, the event drew 1,000 participants from 83 countries, providing interdisciplinary learning opportunities, bringing together renowned experts to report their latest scientific research, and showcasing industry innovations for people who may benefit from the rehabilitation practice of prosthetic, orthotic, mobility, and assistive technology.

A high-calibre scientific programme was presented by more than 320 professionals from various world regions and broad-ranging fields of expertise in 4 keynote lectures, 4 regional panels, 16 symposia, 12 instructional courses, 141 free papers, and 87 poster presentations.

The ISPO President Edward Lemaire noted that Diamond sponsor Ottobock, Gold sponsor Össur, and Bronze sponsor HP were essential for the success of the virtual event. In addition to these global players, a number of market leaders presented exhibitor workshops and participated in the exhibition area.

“The 2021 World Congress fulfilled the theme ‘Digital Transformation in an Evolving World’. In addition to sharing knowledge and experiences related to mobility-enhancing technology and clinical services, which often integrated digital approaches to care, our on-line event enabled broad participation within a global environment of uncertainty. ISPO is working to make this global evolution a positive influence on the lives of people with mobility related disabilities. We look forward to meeting the world again at the 2023 World Congress in Mexico”, ISPO President Edward Lemaire said.

Award Winners Announced

The Forchheimer Prize, presented to the most outstanding paper on the objective clinical assessment, clinical evaluation, or clinical measurement published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International during the past two years, went to Douglas John Matthews, Mateen Arastu, Maggie Uden, John Paul Sullivan, Kristina Bolsakova, Kingsley Robinson, Sellaiah Sooriakumaran, and David Ward for their paper “UK trial of the Osseointegrated Prosthesis for the Rehabilitation for Amputees: 1995–2018”.

The Sepp Heim Award was established by ISPO at the 2019 World Congress to honour Sepp Heim for his lifetime of significant contributions to ISPO as well as the development of mobility devices - prosthetics, orthotics, and wheelchairs - education and services in less resourced settings. First recipient of this Award is Carson Harte.

The POI Elite Reviewer Award was presented to Goeran Fiedler of the University of Pittsburgh and Daniel Walter Werner Heitzmann, Clinic for Orthopaedics and Trauma Surgery Heidelberg University Hospital.

Best Paper and Poster Prizes were presented in the categories:

• Advancing Clinical Treatment: “10 Years Follow-up of Patients Treated with an Osseointegrated Transfemoral Implant – Outcome from the OPRA Study” Kerstin Hagberg

• Advancing Technology: “A Randomised Feasibility Study of a Self-Aligning Prosthetic Ankle-Foot for Older Patients with Vascular-Related Amputations: The STEPFORWARD Study” Natalie Vanicek

• Advancing Psychosocial/ Socioeconomic Science: “Exploring Decisional Needs of Prosthetists and Patients with Lower Limb Amputation for Prosthesis Design: A Qualitative Shared Decision-making Study” Chelsey Anderson

• Advancing Education: “A Systematic Review of Prosthetics and Orthotics Education Research” Cody McDonald

• Best Poster: “Normalization Alters the Interpretation of between Limb Differences in Peak Isometric Hip Extension Torque among Lower Limb Prosthesis Users” Andrew Sawers

Presentation Recordings Accessible until October 2022

The recordings of all scientific sessions and exhibitor workshops as well as the scientific posters will remain available in the virtual platform until 31 October 2022 for all event attendees to access at their leisure.

Viva México

The ISPO 19th World Congress will be taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 24 to 27 April 2023. The theme of the event, organised in collaboration with ISPO Mexico, ISPO Canada, and US-ISPO, will be “The Art and the Science”.

ISPO 2021 Final report (DOCX, 61 kB)


Nicole Wege
Press Spokesperson
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