Whether you need images , banners or logos : here you will find image material for use in your reporting or advertisement. Please note our legal information when using this material. Should you require further media services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us .

Logos and creatives to download

Use our free templates to advertise your participation at I.S.P.O. World Congress. Simply click on the corresponding link to download our logos for your own use. These include reproducible drawing path files (vector graphics). Please note our legal information for your usage.

Logo I.S.P.O. 20th World Congress

Photo downloads for press and media representatives

Our press centre's photo service is also available in digital form. You can download photos in print quality. These photos may only be used for press purposes.

Photo captions: ISPO 19th World Congress

Image source: Leipziger Messe / ISPO / Sergio Garibay / Ricardo Guzmán

Impressions of ISPO 19th World Congress 2023

Legal Information

The download, saving and any use and application of the logos, names or banners named is only permitted subject to the following conditions:

  • Logos and names may only be used for news reports by publishers and/or journalists, or
  • users that are bindingly approved as an exhibitor for a future trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe at the time of download and saving, as well as for the duration of the use of the logo/name.
  • The user shall faithfully reproduce the logo/name without distorting it (minor colour deviations in printing will be tolerated in individual cases).
  • If the user is an exhibitor as defined above, they may use the logo/name exclusively in connection with reference to their future participation in a trade fair/exhibition organised by Leipziger Messe.
  • The use of the logo/name for purposes other than those named above – in particular for the labelling of third party goods and services – is prohibited.

Attention: Non-compliance with the above requirements will be prosecuted under civil law and – in the case of copyright infringement – also under criminal law.

Nicole Wege
Press Spokesperson