Early career researchers and students

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ISPO encourages early career researchers and students to attend or participate actively in the I.S.P.O. 20th World Congress.

Take advantage of special programme formats and participate in the I.S.P.O. 20th World Congress:

3 Minute Thesis (3MT) student competition & Mentoring

The 3 Minute Thesis (3MT) is an academic competition that assists current students with fostering effective presentation and communication skills. Interested students registered in an undergraduate, masters or PhD programme are invited to submit abstracts to this competition. One 75-minute time slot parallel to other symposia, instructional courses and free paper sessions is reserved for the 3MT student competition.

Applicants can submit their abstract to be considered for the 3MT student competition as well as the free paper and poster sessions given the latter enables a more fulsome overview of their work. Mentoring opportunities* are available.

Further information about submitting to the 3MT student competition can be found.

* Mentoring
ISPO wants to support the students to bring their best 3MT. Mentoring is offered to support students with writing their abstracts and / or preparing their presentations. Students can request mentorship for abstract writing until Monday, 14 October 2024 to receive feedback by the end of October. Mentorship for preparing presentations can be requested by end of April 2025. Please request support by emailing to info@ispo-congress.com .

Abstracts for free paper and poster presentations & abstract triage

A free paper is a professional communication describing qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods research such as a technique, case study, case series, clinical trial, review, experiment delivered as an oral podium presentation during the congress. Top ranking free papers are selected for oral presentation.

A poster may describe qualitative/quantitative/mixed methods research such as a technique, case study, case series, clinical trial, systematic review, or experiment. In contrast to free papers, a poster may present preliminary results or works in progress.

Within the submission process prior feedback (abstract triage)* is available upon request.

Find further information about submitting abstracts for free paper and poster presentations .

* Feedback opportunity: Abstract triage
Responding to recommendations from the 2023 World Congress Scientific Committee, a pre-submission abstract feedback option will be trialled for the I.S.P.O. 20th World Congress. The aim of this feedback option is to help authors to improve the clarity, structure, and overall quality of their submissions.
Authors can consider the reviewer feedback and revise their abstract before formally submitting it to the usual peer review process. Requests can be sent by Monday, 14 October 2024 to receive feedback by the end of October to info@ispo-congress.com .
We particularly encourage authors who may be new to writing scientific abstracts, do not have mentors available to give critical feedback or, who may have had submissions rejected previously to engage in this developmental process. Please note that integrating the reviewer feedback does not guarantee acceptance.

ISPO is aiming to help students and young scientists to attend the congress. Special registration fees for students will be charged.

Information about travel and accommodation will follow.