At the I.S.P.O. World Congress, ISPO recognises outstanding achievements by presenting various awards and prizes:

Bryan and Joyce Blatchford Team Prize for Innovation

Established by the Blatchford Family to honour the memory of Mr. Brian Blatchford and Mrs. Joyce Blatchford, the prize is awarded to a team that has an outstanding record of innovative achievement in the field of prosthetics and / or orthotics, which should be related to prosthetic and/or orthotic hardware, or scientifically based new techniques that result in better prostheses or orthotics.

Forchheimer Prize

Established by the Forchheimer Family to honour the memory of Sylvia and Alfred Forchheimer, the prize is awarded to the most outstanding paper on objective clinical assessment, clinical evaluation or clinical measurement published in Prosthetics and Orthotics International during the years prior to the World Congress.

Sepp Heim Award

The Sepp Heim Award was established by ISPO at the ISPO World Congress 2019 to honour Mr. Sepp Heim for his lifetime of significant contributions to ISPO as well as the development of mobility devices (prosthetics, orthotics, and wheelchairs) education and services in less resourced settings.

World Congress Best Paper and Poster Prizes

The prizes in the following five categories are awarded by the Scientific Programme Committee of I.S.P.O. World Congress to presenting authors of free papers/posters during the Closing Ceremony:

  • Advancing clinical treatment: greatest contribution with a focus on sustainability to advancing the clinical management of clients
  • Advancing P&O: greatest contribution in general, including technology, psychosocial and socio-economic and education topics
  • Sustainability: greatest contribution in advancing sustainability
  • 3MT student competition prizes: judges and people’s choice award for the best presentations in the 3MT student competition
  • Best poster prize: paper presented in poster format that makes the most substantial contribution to advancing knowledge in prosthetics and orthotics

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