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5.05 Orthotics: Lower limb - Ankle foot orthoses I

Location: Moda, Business Center I, First floor
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5.05.1: 360° Treatment Concept for Lower Limb Orthotic Interventions – A Case Series - Ana Maria von Corvin-Wiersbitzki

5.05.2: Comparison of static and dynamic shank to vertical angle measurements for ankle-foot orthosis optimisation in standing and walking. - Sean Donald

5.05.3: User’s preference during prescription of off-the-shelf carbon ankle foot orthoses - Lysanne de Jong

5.05.4: Effectiveness of ankle foot orthoses for patients with weakness of the plantar and dorsiflexors: biomechanical comparison of different orthotic concepts - Thomas Schmalz

5.05.5: Spring-like ankle foot orthoses increase ankle work and reduce compensatory hip work in severe but not in mild push-off deficits - Niels Waterval


Kristie Bjornson
Seattle Children's Research Institute, Seattle, USA
Mini Krishnan
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom


Ana Maria von Corvin-Wiersbitzki
MSc. Orthotic Rehabilitation Studies, Lueneburg, Germany
Sean Donald
University of Salford, United Kingdom
Lysanne de Jong
OIM Orthopedie, Assen, Germany
Thomas Schmalz
Ottobock SE & Co. KGaA, Clinical Research & Services / Biomechanics, Göttingen, Germany
Niels Waterval
Amsterdam UMC, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Event Location

Moda, Business Center I, First floor