2.29 Education - ExceedOnline: Legacy of Covid pandemic on prosthetic and orthotic education: Adoption, adaptation, advancement for innovative solutions

Location: Guadalajara 2, Ground floor



Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) education worldwide was significantly impacted by the Covid pandemic. The majority of P&O programmes were on campus with face-to-face training prior to Covid with few components of virtual education. Covid restrictions, lockdowns, travel restraints and other on-site teaching activities provided opportunities for creative responses, alternative learning and teaching P&O in a new setting, and the ultimate development of a virtual programme. The focus on the development of students’ core competencies and faculty’s capacity and capability in virtual P&O education ranges from situational analyses, Training Need assessments for both students and faculty for effective teaching and confident learners, technology assessment, curriculum revision, Learning Management System reviews, online mentoring/tutoring, and student feedback system. ExceedOnline resulted from the experience of P&O education in South East Asia training programmes coupling from the impacts of Covid. The management and leadership commitment to the continuation of students’ education evolved international networks, experience exchanges, students’ collaboration, resource sharing, and modified learning/teaching models for responsive and resilient learning for students from diverse backgrounds with support from local clinical/technical mentors. The advancement of P&O education post-Covid is seen to be inevitably and sustainable with a potential hybrid model that will enhance better access to P&O training worldwide. Successful shifts to virtual/hybrid mode need adaptation to engaging/dynamic curricular activities, learner-focused, strategically planned, and efficiently managed with appropriate technology to the local context and needs of an individual learner, resource investment, and capacity development.

Statement of the objective / learning objectives

Share experiences on the development of ExceedOnline EducationLink P&O programmes to work together responding to the learning needs of students during the pandemicFacilitate resources for online education worldwide drawing from international collaborations


Sisary Kheng
Exceed Worldwide/National Institute of Social Affairs, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Carson Harte
Exceed Worldwide, Belfast, United Kingdom

Event Location

Guadalajara 2, Ground floor