Free paper session

5.13 Prosthetics: Lower limb - Osseointegration methods and techniques

Location: Mueble, Business Center I, First floor


5.13.1: The world’s first steps on Transcutaneous Pelvic Osseointegration – A case series of prosthetic management in hip disarticulation with osseointegration. - Marta Geada, Warrick Heald

5.13.2: Six-Dimensional Failure Envelope for Osseointegrated Bone-Implant Construct - Hans Gray

5.13.3: Press-Fit Osseointegrated Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Above Knee Amputees - Minimum 5-year Follow-up - Atiya Oomatia

5.13.4: An FE Model Investigating the Bone-implant Interface of Osseointegrated Prosthetics to better Understand how Forces are Transferred under Loading - Tiereny McGuire

5.13.5: Experimental Validation of a Composite Femur with an Osseointegrated Implant - Ryan Tiew

5.13.6: Optimalization of patient selection in persons with a bone-anchored prosthesis. - Ruud Leijendekkers


Kyrillos Saleib
Erasmus MC, Trauma Research Unit Department of Surgery, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Claude Tardif
International Society for Prothetics and Orthotics, Brussels, Belgium


Marta Geada
APC Prosthetics, Sydney, Australia
Hans Gray
Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia
Atiya Oomatia
Osseointegration Group of Australia & Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia
Tiereny McGuire
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Ryan Tiew
University of Melbourne, Australia
Ruud Leijendekkers
Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Event Location

Mueble, Business Center I, First floor