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3.10 Peculiarities in orthoprosthetic care of children with congenital malformations

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The individual care of children with congenital malformations requires specialist knowledge of the clinical pictures, but also an intense cooperation of all disciplines involved in the care team (doctors, therapists, friends, family, orthopedic technicians).

Compared to children with amputation loss, children with congenital malformations do not feel the loss of the missing body part. The experience of many fittings shows that the acceptance of prosthetic aids in the first years of life is essentially determined by the functional benefit and the wearing comfort. The focus here is on ensuring the best possible age-appropriate development and participation with children of the same age.

The following course is intended to systematically discuss and clarify the everyday requirements for the prosthetic fitting of the upper and lower extremities as well as the technical realization in the design of the individual fitting solutions using various examples from these two major fitting areas. The differentiated consideration of longitudinal and transverse defect forms and their consequences also has a significant influence on the design and configuration of the corresponding aids. The effects of endangered joint malpositions as well as additional surgical treatment measures must be included in the layout of the aids.

It should be shown that a targeted supply of aids, taking into account the daily recurring needs, supports and promotes the age-appropriate development of the children.

A final outlook is intended to show solution approaches for the requirements and possibilities of future care concepts for people with congenital malformations.

Statement of the objective / learning objectives

The variety of congenital malformations and their effects on the mobility and functionality of the child require a deficit-oriented approach in the treatment. The course is intended to highlight the essential features of care.


Michael Schaefer
Pohlig GmbH, Traunstein, Germany


Tim Baumeister
Pohlig GmbH, Traunstein, Germany

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Tequila, Second floor