Free paper session

5.37 Gait and balance - Sensors and classification

Location: Joya, Business Center I, First floor


5.37.1: Low-Cost Wearable Sensors for Augmenting Observational Gait Analyses in Lower Limb Prosthesis Users - Arman Arezoomand

5.37.2: Development of tools for post-Stroke data collection - Validation of novel fabric EMG sensor, with Arduino-driven data collection, on non-affected participants. - Rhona Campbell

5.37.3: Recognising Gait Type from Lower Limb Sensors: Improved Success Using Amplitude Normalisation - Liam Hughes

5.37.4: Balance Confidence Classification in Lower Limb Amputees using Step-based Features Calculated from Smartphone Sensor Signals - Edward Lemaire

5.37.5: Development of a Low-Cost Portable IMU System for In-Shoe Foot Motion Analysis - Ping Yang


Alex Dickinson
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Science University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Giovanni Milandri
Imperial College London, United Kingdom


Arman Arezoomand
University of Toronto, Canada
Rhona Campbell
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom
Liam Hughes
Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
Edward Lemaire
University of Ottawa, Canada
Ping Yang
China Rehabilitation Science Institute, Beijing, China

Event Location

Joya, Business Center I, First floor