Keynote lecture

1.01 / 1.02 Opening Ceremony

Location: Guadalajara 2/3


The President of ISPO, the Chair of the Local Organising Committee, and the Chair of the World Congress Scientific Committee will officially open the ISPO 19th World Congress. Following, the Knud Jansen and IC2A Inspirational Lectures will be presented.

Knud Jansen Lecture by Rosielena Jovane: Art & Science: An equation that requires passion!

Craft and Technology are intrinsically linked, and we can delight in the artistic work of O&P professionals in bringing beauty to the shape and form of devices, leading to body movement through our inherent creativity and genius in enabling restoration through rehabilitation. This a common narrative from early lovers of natural laws creating the underlying knowledge through scientific research.

The human right to mobility and freedom to move was enshrined in Common Law a 1000 years ago, inspired by the passion shown in the artistic work of craftsmen, scientists, technologists, therapists, medical practitioners and many other specialists, as they research to discover, validate with prototypes, manufacture, compose and build what we will subsequently use for the goal that was identified.

The extraordinary scientific and technological evolution that we have been able to experience has facilitated the participation of disabled people in activities of daily living and offered us the opportunity to be true artists in everything that we do. Between science and artistic and technological development we find a direct link that evolves in an interwoven way, motivated by the passion that energizes our actions

In our varied and complex field of continuous learning and work the multi-disciplinary team members complement each other in the same way as our ISPO society is nourished, grows and progresses thanks to the contributions of its members. Their respective and different specialties combine, evolve and bring strength to our continuing quest for knowledge in order to mitigate the disability that affects those who need our help.

IC2A Inspirational Lecture by Ana Paulina Chavira: Learning to fall… and rising up

Since I was a child, I fell a lot. But beyond clumsiness, I never thought that I would have to learn to fall because I was going to have only one leg. And later because I would wear a prosthetic leg that sometimes defies the laws of gravity.

I've been wearing my prosthesis for 25 years and I've been through a lot of falls… and not just the physical ones! How was it that I learned how to fall but, more important, how to get up? What inspired me? What motivated me to keep on going?

Although not having a leg sometimes seemed like the end of the world, on many occasions it turned out to be the best opportunity in life.


Claude Tardif
International Society for Prothetics and Orthotics, Brussels, Belgium


Marlo Ortiz
Ortiz Internacional SA de CV, Guadalajara, Mexico
Deirdre Desmond
World Congress Scientific Committee Chair, Maynooth, Ireland
Rosielena Jované C.
ISPO Panama - ISPO Uniendo Fronteras, Becker Orthopedic, Troy, USA
Ana Paulina Chavira Mendoza
Journalist, Prosthetic user, Mexico City, Mexico

Event Location

Guadalajara 2/3