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6.03 Orthotics: lower limb neurological - Functional improvement of lower limb orthotic management in patients with spinal cord injury: A scoping review - Sirirat Seng-iad

6.18 Orthotics: upper limb -The effectiveness of a simplified orthotic torque profile for weight compensation of the hand. - Suzanne Filius

6.39 Prosthetics: upper limb - Reassessment of the possibilities of restoring of the upper limbs functions by prosthetics - Anton Kruglov

6.41 Prosthetics: upper limb - Development of Novel Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAVs) for Targeting of Low-Threshold Mechanoreceptors (LTMRs) to Restore Touch in Prosthetic Systems - Michael O'Donnell

6.42 Prosthetics: upper limb - Design and evaluation of a soft myoelectric hand for children with upper limb amputation - Monireh Ahmadi bani

6.44 Prosthetics: upper limb - Development and and durability test of pediatric terminal device for horizontal-bar activity - Kengo Ohnishi

6.45 Prosthetics: upper limb - Open-Source 3D-Printed Upper Limb Prostheses: Prototypes or Alternative Solutions - Kevin Wendo

6.50 Outcome measurements - Monitoring and Improving the Quality of Prosthetics and Orthotics Services - A Case Study in Rwanda - Subhash Kumar Sinha

6.63 Rehabilitation medicine and surgery - Days to prosthetic fitting after major lower limb amputations – national data from Sweden - Stefan Sanfridsson

6.66 Rehabilitation medicine and surgery - Prosthetics and Rehabilitation in Bilateral Below Knee Amputation and Cervical Spinal Cord Injury Patient with Electrical Burns: A case report. - Laura Paulina Muñoz Velasco


Luphiwo Mduzana
Walter Sisulu University, Mthatha, South Africa
Carlos Galvan Duque
Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico


Sirirat Seng-iad
Sirindhorn School of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Suzanne Filius
Department of Biomechanical Engineering Technical University of Delft, Netherlands
Monireh Ahmadibani
University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
Kengo Ohnishi
Tokyo Denki University, Hiki, Japan
Subhash Kumar Sinha
The International Committee of the Red Cross, Kigali, Rwanda
Laura Paulina Muñoz Velasco
National Institute of Rehabilitation Luis Guillermo Ibarra Ibarra, Mexico City, Mexico

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Joya, Business Center I, First floor